Mission and Values

Beacon Light Tabernacle Vision Statement

Shining rays of love and hope to all men as we guide them to Jesus

Spirit led in caring ministry to be a beacon of hope and love in pointing all men to Christ

A beacon light of hope and love that leads mankind to the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ reaching the community and the world

A guiding light of hope towards man loving, caring, uplifting those who surround us

Beacon Light Tabernacle Mission Statement

Show love through worship commitment bringing hope, caring for the physical health, mental development, spiritual growth of those that surround us.

Through love for God worship and commitment we will bring hope to the community by caring for their physical health, mental development and spiritual growth


 We are disciples of Christ who encourage:

A commitment to prayer and worship

A willingness to be led by the Holy Spirit

Servitude to our Lord, our church and our community

 We are disciples of God serving each other, our church, and our community.  United, becoming like Christ seeking His directions, displaying His care, giving His Hope and sharing His Love as we worship, meditate, study and live His Word.